SBDB EPCM PVT LTD, 24 August 2023

Health & Safety at work is fundamental to the operation of SBDB and a primary business goal. It is a line of responsibility that begins from the Management and the General Divisions and extends to the production areas of all Business Units of the Company. As a business organization that seeks to operate responsibly, SBDB acknowledges its responsibility to ensure the best possible Health & Safety conditions in all its work areas, as well as the right of its employees and the employees of the independent business partners and contractors executing operations in its premises, to work without exposing themselves to any risk of accident, injury or occupational disease.

In the context of its activity, SBDB is committed to the following basic principles which govern all its organizational levels:

Full compliance with the applicable legislation on Occupational Health & Safety, strict adherence to the internal procedures and work instructions and alignment with international standards.

Continuous identification and assessment of occupational risks and of exposure levels to harmful factors, and adoption of measures to control and mitigate them.

• Establishment of quantitative and qualitative targets for Occupational Health & Safety, and monitoring of the progress made towards their attainment by using internationally accepted performance indicators.
• Establishment of preventive action programs to improve work conditions, as well as of preventive and corrective action plans, procedures and work instructions, so as to ensure that risks are eliminated or minimized.
• Integration of the principles/criteria of Occupational Health & Safety into key Company processes (such as procurement & purchases, mergers and acquisitions, approval of large-scale Company projects) and work methods.
• Continuous improvement of the Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems through the application of best practices.
• Open and transparent communication on all issues regarding Occupational Health & Safety. Engagement of employees and their representatives in consultation processes on the improvement of the Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.
• Continuous provision of information and training to personnel, accompanied by related awareness-raising activities, to eliminate accidents in the workplace and promote a responsible Health & Safety culture.
• The conduct of regular internal and external (third-party) inspections to assess the performance of the Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, the achievement of the targets set and the implementation of the relevant regulations and principles.
• Establishment of a procedure for reporting and investigating Health & Safety incidents and carrying out preventive and corrective actions.
• Emergency preparedness and prompt response, with the participation of the appropriate personnel and the provision of the necessary first aid equipment, as necessary.
• Identification of Stakeholders’ needs and expectations regarding Health & Safety issues, demonstrating increased awareness of them and promoting a climate of cooperation.
• Provision of information and training to business partners (contractors, suppliers, clients) about the Company's Occupational Health & Safety policy, to strengthen the relevant culture in their own workplaces.