Who we are

Welcome to SBDB, a pioneering industrial construction company that has carved a niche for itself in the vibrant self sustained “Bharat”. With a robust footprint across various pivotal sectors, we stand as a formidable presence in the construction landscape. As a Emerging player in the industry, we take immense pride in our journey of growth and innovation. With a dedicated team of 64 employees at the helm, supported by over 1000 skilled individuals in our blue team, we have successfully executed a diverse range of projects. This unity of expertise and effort enables us to deliver excellence in every venture we undertake. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is mirrored in our impressive INR 150 million turnover, a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our clients. From inception to completion, we ensure that every project is executed with precision, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. We have left an indelible mark on heavy and medium sector industries, having successfully undertaken and completed projects that have contributed to the growth and development of these critical sectors. Our expertise goes beyond bricks and mortar – it's about creating environments that inspire progress and foster innovation.

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Our Values

Quality and Ethics
To operate transparently, responsibly and            ethically

Quality aInnovationnd Ethics
To be curious and provide solutions to the           customers

Courage and Passion
To be different and operate with firmness             and perseverance

Business goals & objectives

  • Go Green
  • Eager To Win
  • Enhance Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Team Up & Excel
  • Innovate & Satisfy

The MISSION of SBDB is to thrive in the competitive Indian construction industry and to position itself to be India’s leading Turnkey Solution Company through quality services and products with total commitment towards customer satisfaction. Considering the present industrial scenario and required modernization

What We Do

SBDB is a leading global industrial and energy company with a strong presence in all top five regions covering its business Sectors.

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Cost Consultancy
  • Interior Fit-outs
  • Trunkey Projects
  • Audits

Our Management

Sunaina Bhat


Our Clients